Zedd Teases Possible New Music

Zedd has his fans wondering what he’s up to based on his latest tweet, and we’re hoping all signs are pointing to new music.

On Thursday (Jan. 18), the “Stay” singer sent his fan base into a frenzy with one simple post. The artist chose not give any extra details with his latest post, but instead just shared an image and it has a lot of people thinking it could be either album art or new single art.

The image is of a pink flower being blown up from the middle and it’s mesmerizing. While the Russian-German singer and DJ has yet to say what the picture really means, it could definitely be a hint a new music coming our way.

Last week, the “Beautiful Now” singer shared another, equally as cryptic tease, about new music when he posted a video of a clip of his upcoming single. In typical Zedd fashion the portion of the video that was of the song was so quick that you can barely hear it — about one second long — and yet we’re not that surprised by it.

Now that the musician has posted this image — without any context — we are thinking that the two could be linked and therefore be leading fans to a new song. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation one way or the other as of now, but with a small music clip and this simplistic image tease, we are definitely hoping Zedd’s new single is dropping soon.

What do you think Zedd’s new photo post means? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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