Jennifer Lopez’s First Spanish Album In 10 Years Has A Special Meaning

Get ready — because Jennifer Lopez is returning to the music scene, and her new project is bound to make a splash.

The singer —who is all set to release her first Spanish album in 10 years, Por Primera Vez, which translates to “For the First Time” — recently opened up to HOLA! USA about the special meaning behind the title.

“It’s about how we are always kind of reinventing ourselves, experiencing things for the first time, no matter how old you are. There’s always a new beginning,” the 48-year-old singer and actress told HOLA! USA via E! News about the album title.

While Por Primera Vez will mark Lopez’s second Spanish record following 2007’s Como Ama una Mujer, it will be her ninth studio album overall.

During her interview for HOLA! USA October/November issue, Lopez also teased the variety of tracks that will be featured on the album — some of which she said will be similar to her single, “Mírate,” and others more upbeat.

“One of the things I love most is that it’s happy music. It feels happy and fun, and yes, there are three or four ballads on it,” the World of Dance judge said.

As for why she decided to debut another Spanish album? Lopez said she feels like there’s something more “romantic” about singing in Spanish.

“And that’s such a core part of who I am,” Lopez explained. “I feel like I sing better in Spanish.”

Lopez is an amazing singer, no matter the language, so fans are in for a real treat when Por Primera Vez drops!

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