Sabrina Carpenter Wants To Collaborate With This ‘Pop Genius’

Sabrina Carpenter might be touring up a storm right now for her second studio album, but fans already want to know what’s coming next.

On Tuesday (Sept. 12), the former Disney Channel star took to Twitter to do an impromptu Q&A with her fans, and revealed her dream collaboration for her future work. After being asked who she’d like to write a song with for her next album, Carpenter was quick to reply with her pick.

“So many people, I love @ToveLo as an artist and writer,” Carpenter replied on Twitter. “Sheeee a pop genius.”

Tove Lo is a pop genius, and her sound combined with Carpenter’s crazy vocals would be very interesting to hear.



Carpenter has been touring for her second album, EVOLution, for a while now, but after releasing “Why” in July, fans have been clamoring for more news about her third album, and the singer was happy to give a few details — or rather teases.

When asked what the album will be called she teased fans by responding, “hahah it’s called.” As for what inspires her to continue to write, it’s just about keeping herself sane and the excitement of the unknown.

“It’s my main outlet for expression I’d go crazy if I didn’t write,” she tweeted about her songwriting inspiration currently. “Knowing that I still haven’t written my best songs inspires me.”

Okay Carpenter fans, what do you want to know about the artist’s upcoming album? Who do you think the Pennsylvania native should write with? Who should she perform with?

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