Nick Jonas Makes A Big Music Announcement

If you’ve been waiting patiently (or impatiently, we don’t judge) for new music from Nick Jonas, get excited, because the artist just made a big announcement.

On Monday (Sept. 11), Jonas took to Twitter to tease his next track.

“FIND YOU,” Jonas captioned his latest Twitter photo, which shows him standing in what appears to be a desert.

Sure, this could just be a cool picture of the 24-year-old singer looking off into the distance, starring at miles of sand, or it could be the cover art for a new song. We’re going to go with the latter, especially since Jonas’ record label, Island Records, retweeted the post and wrote, “#FindYou.”

On Instagram, Jonas teased the track with a series of a series of images, which when you look at the home page for his account, you can see shows the same desert picture. What on earth could Jonas be doing in the desert? Who is he looking for?

(Photo Courtesy: Nick Jonas/Twitter)


Although we don’t have a release date for “Find You,” we are ready for more music from the former Disney Channel star. When this track does drop (according to iHeart, it’s set to debut this Thursday), it will be the second single that Jonas has released this summer (the first being “Remember I Told You” in May 2017) and the second song since the debut of his second studio album, 2016’s Last Year Was Complicated.

What do you think Jonas’ picture means?

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