Liam Payne’s Third Single Will Be Released In October

Liam Payne might have two singles out right now, but don’t expect a third this summer.

The “Get Low” singer chatted with Teen Vogue during a event this week, and confirmed that while another single is coming — it won’t be here until October.

“She said it!” Payne said after his manager revealed the release date to Teen Vogue. “That made ink. Wow.”

With his collaborations with Zedd and Quavo already out, the British singer teased that he also has tracks with Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, and more on his record.

“I just love collaborating,” Payne told Teen Vogue. “I don’t really like writing music by myself, for myself. I’d much sooner have someone imprint a little bit of themselves into what they think of me, and I’ll take it and run with it. So it’s been really great and I’m so happy that people want to work with me.”

Last month, Payne teased on Twitter that he was also teaming up with Charlie Puth for a song on his new album.

“Don’t worry here’s a small Warning look there’s a little sign just for you we have made a song and I’m very excited about it,” he tweeted in response to a fan who asked whether the two would be working together.

While there’s still no word on when we can expect Payne’s first solo album, between his first two singles — and the third that’s on the way — as well as the many collaborations he’s hinted at so far, the anticipation is definitely high!

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