Which MAGCON Member NEEDS To Be Part Of The Next Tour?

MAGCON has yet to announce another tour (at least officially), but we’re already dreaming of which stars will join the family this year!

Back in June, Cameron Dallas, who is one of the official members of MAGCON  (which stands for “Meet and greet convention), tweeted about an upcoming tour, saying, “MAGCON DATES COMING SOON.”


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Now, fellow member Taylor Caniff has taken to Instagram to ask fans who they want to see on tour, and we’re all in! “Magconnnnn…. ? who else you wanna see?,” the Viner captioned a picture alongside Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Willie Jones (who was a featured guest on the 2016 tour), and Sierra Dallas.

We’ve already come up with a list of reasons why MAGCON needs to reunite in 2017, but now we want to hear which member you think absolutely needs to be part of any upcoming tour.

Do you want to see the usual suspects including, Dallas, Caniff and Carpenter? Are you excited for Jones to potentially come back? What about some of the other original MAGCON boys, like Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, Matt Espinosa, and Jack Gilinsky?

We know it’s been awhile since the OG MAGCON boys have teamed up, but we’d still love to see some of them come back and join in on the meet and greet fun. Take our poll above and let us know who you are most excited to see — assuming the MAGCON tour does happen — this year.

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