The New Vamps Album ‘Night & Day’ Has A Special Twist

Stop everything you’re doing, because The Vamps just dropped their third studio album!

On Friday (July 14), The Vamps — which is made up of Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, James McVey and Tristan Evans —released their newest album titled Night & Day. There’s more to the record than meets the eye, however. The band’s latest release is actually a two-part album — aka the Night edition and the Day edition — which means way more tunes to sing along to for the fans. Talk about a great twist, right?

“The past two albums we’ve done we’ve written about 40 or 50 songs and then cut down massively, so we were losing quite a lot of songs, songs that were personal and we’d like to get them out there. So for this album, we decided to do a two-part thing and release more music,” Simpson told HMV  ahead of the album drop, explaining that the second part, Day, is more “organic and uplifting.”

Based on the band’s description of their newest record, it’s seems like the songs reflect two sides of one’s self, the sassy, edgy side (aka the Night), and the sweet, mellow side (aka the Day). Sounds pretty awesome, don’t you think?

If that isn’t enough to make you want to buy the double album ASAP then maybe the fact that, according to Simpson, the band is already thinking about performing their newest songs live will excite you.

“It’ll be fantastic,” Tristan told HMV when asked about performing music from the album. “We like to rock it up with our live shows. After we’ve done our acoustic shows we’ll be looking at arenas again and making the new songs as big as they could be.”

To make this release even better, the four Brits are signing records at Oxford Street this weekend in London and have a pop-up shop where you can buy all The Vamps gear you could want.

To buy The Vamps new album, Night & Day, click here.

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