Beyoncé Is Highest-Paid Musician Of 2016, According To Billboard

Beyoncé has proven once again that she’s the Queen, and this time the proof is in the paper.

On Thursday (July 14), Billboard released its annual “Top 50 Money Makers” list and Beyoncé has officially taken the biggest honor based on her earnings in 2016. This shouldn’t come as that huge of a surprise since 2016 was the year of Lemonade.

Even Adele (who came in at the fifth spot with $37 million), recognized Beyoncé and all her glory during the 2017 Grammy Awards, where she dubbed the singer the “artist of my life” and said that Lemonade was “so monumental.” Clearly she was right, since according to Billboard, Beyoncé earned $62.1 million last year which is HUGE.

According to the publication, the majority of this sum came from the singer’s Formation World Tour, which sold 1.2 million tickets and grossed $161 million in just North America. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

The “Formation” singer’s earnings landed her on top of the list by $20 million, bringing the number two name — Guns N’ Roses — in at $42.3 million, followed closely by Bruce Springsteen at $42.2 million. You can see the full list of 2016’s Top Money Makers over at Billboard.

Despite a lot of stiff competition, Beyoncé reigns as Queen of the list, and we are so impressed. The mother-of-three sings about the “best revenge is your paper” in her legendary track “Lemonade” and based on these numbers, she was SO right. You go, Bey!

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