5 Reasons Why Another Magcon Tour Needs To Happen Now

The last time we saw the MAGCON boys, it was back in 2016, and for fans of stars Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, and Taylor Caniff — that’s way too long! We need another MAGCON tour ASAP, and we know you agree.

After touring all over the world last year — from Australia and France to Brazil and the US — with special guests like Blake Gray, Willie Jones, and more, MAGCON (which stands for “Meet and greet convention”) seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but they’ve been lying low.

With so much hype around social media sensations the past few years, MAGCON was the perfect way to see a ton of everyone’s favorite standouts in one place, watch them put on a BIG show, and then actually get to meet them. What could be better than that you ask? The boys getting back together that’s what! Now that we’ve got your attention, here are the top five reasons why we need another MAGCON tour in 2017.


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1. We need more pictures of the guys!
With every tour, there are group selfies, goofy backstage pictures and videos galore, and it’s just the pick-me-up fans need this year.

2. Aaron Carpenter is about to debut new music.
Okay, we don’t have an exact release date on this, but Carpenter has been teasing new music on Twitter all summer, so why not perform it live on tour?

3. It would give Chasing Cameron season 2 a LOT more content.
Season one of Chasing Cameron on Netflix gave us something to enjoy from one of the head MAGCON boys — Cameron Dallas. At the time, MAGCON wasn’t touring, which is all the more reason for the guys to hit the road now and document their journey on a potential second season of the docu-series.

4. There are so many great guest appearance possibilities.
We’d love nothing more than to see a few former Viners-turned-mega-stars — we’re looking at you Shawn Mendes — hit the stage while MAGCON is touring.

5. We’ve been teased enough.
Cameron Dallas has already teased that there will in fact be another tour this year, so why not give us the tour dates already, and make fans everywhere jump for joy? “MAGCON DATES COMING SOON,” Dallas tweeted back in June, and we’re still waiting… not so patiently.

Do you want another MAGCON tour? Sound off in the comments below to tell us why you want your favorite singers back on tour!

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