Niall Horan Admits He Still Listens To One Direction Songs

You might think you’re One Direction’s biggest fan, but Niall Horan definitely has you beat.

The singer sat down with Entertainment City earlier this week, and revealed that even though it’s been liberating to break out on his own, he’s still a fan of One Direction and actually listens to the band’s music from time to time.

“I listen to One Direction stuff now, yeah it will obviously come on and some days I’ll think of a song and want to listen to it,” Horan told Entertainment City when talking about what it’s like to express himself.

Which songs does the Irish singer listen to regularly? A few, actually.

“I like a song called ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ and the one called ‘Fireproof,’ ” he told the outlet. “When I hear these songs, I can hear my own flavors in it, and then there’s everyone else’s flavors on top so I got to express myself a lot in the band.”

In addition to listening to the band’s former tracks, Horan revealed that he and his fellow 1D members — including Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne — continue to be on good terms while pursuing solo ventures.

“If we were releasing the same types of music then it probably would be competitive, ya I would imagine. But we’re not. It’s completely different stuff so there’s room for us all, it’s great. And everyone is doing well, the fans are still right there with us, and that’s great” he said.

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